Concerts And Shows 2021

ZHU Red Rocks Park 2021-05-03
May 3rd Red Rocks Show with ZHU
2021 Red Rocks Park Concerts and Shows ScheduleDayTimeConcert and Show
April22nd, Thurs.8:00pm:Lotus
April23rd, Fri.8:00pm:Lotus
April24th, Sat.8:00pm:Lotus
April25th, Sun.8:00pm:Lotus
April28th, Wed.6:30pm:Red Rock 8 o’clock Howl
April29th, Thurs.7:30pm:Trevor Hall
April30th, Fri.7:30pm:Trevor Hall
May1st, Sat.8:00pm:Kaytranada
May2nd, Sun.8:00pm:Kaytranada
May 3rd, Mon.8:00pm: ZHU
May4th, Tues.8:00pm: ZHU
May 5th, Wed.8:00pm:ZHU
May6th, Thurs.7:30pm:SunSquabi
May7th, Fri.7:00pm:Evening With Leftover Salmon
May8th, Sat.4:45pm:Leftover Salmon
May9th, Sun.8:00pm: ZHU
May10th, Mon.8:00pm:ZHU
May11th, Tues.8:00pm:ZHU
May12th, Wed.7:00pm: Diplo
May13th, Thurs.7:00pm:Diplo
May14th, Fri.6:30pm:The Movement / The Expendables
May15th, Sat.8:00pm:Osees
May16th, Sun.7:30pm:Lucero
May 22nd, Sat.8:00pm:Mt. Joy
May23th, Sun.7:00pm:John Williams / Colorado Symphony
May25th, Tues.7:00pm:John Williams / Colorado Symphony
May26th, Wed.7:00pm:  8:30pm:The Floozies;      Drive-In: Dirty Dancing
May27th, Thurs.6:00pm:  8:30PM:Andy Frasco & The UN and Keller Williams;  Drive-In: Jaws
May28th, Fri.7:30pm:  8:30pm:The Disco Biscuits;                  Drive-In: Enter the Dragon
May29th, Sat.7:30pm:  8:30pm:The Disco Biscuits;                  Drive-In: The Sandlot
May30th, Sun.7:30pm:  8:30pm:The Disco Biscuits;                  Drive-In: Beetlejuice
May31st, Mon.8:00pm:  8:30pm:Ben Harper;                               Drive-In: Aliens